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00:00 to 12:00 PM

Art Embassy


Dobrovo Castle



10/16 - 2021

What a great week spent in Slovenia!!! here art is intrinsically tied into the social fabric and the resulting experience is very rewarding for an artist. So far I can say it is the best residency I have ever participated in. During this week I have met many artists from various countries and made connections with people near and far, when this kind of experience ends you always feel a little sadness, but maybe it's okay like that...

Simone Miani interview slovenia natianal television

6:30 to 9:00 PM

Maravee Folle

Gervasoni Viale del lavoro, 88 33050 Pavia di Udine UD 



8/22 - 2021

Within an articulated scenic path, the dialogue and the interweaving between visual art and design generates housing connections that feed the pervasive identity between man and environment. From the home to the factory, from relaxation to work, from socializing in the living room to collaboration in the company, through mosaic, photographic, video and graffiti-writing works, bodies of theatrical, choreographic and social resilience are staged. To lead us from the state of suspension to the new cultural and emotional blossoms that radiate from art to the daily community.


5:00 to 8:00 PM


1 Pakenham Street

6160 - Fremantle



20/26 - 2021

In May I have the pleasure of exhibiting at the White Space Studio Gallery in Parth, Australia. Despite the pandemic and this particular period, Raffaele Tranzillo of Arte Arechi is organizing this exhibition of Italian art in this beautiful overseas location. A breath of fresh air after a year spent at home. If you are in the neighborhood, I look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

Simone Miani, paintings and viewers inside a gallery in Perth, Australia

15 PM - 19 PM Everyday

Free Entrance


Localita' Susans, 33030 Majano UD



09/17 - 2019

The exhibition Esplosi e Ricreati is a unitary "theater of art" inhabited by objects exploded - metaphorically or actually - and recreated, with other materials and different thoughts, elevated to protagonists in sculptures, paintings, videos, photographs, installations and performances. In order to solicit a dialogue constantly pervaded by the relationship between man, nature and things, where from the section to the re-composition the value of Leonardo da Vinci's exploded objects reappears, who framed the "scientia macchinale" in a wide conceptual framework of organic value. Save the date for this wonderfull show, opening Friday 08 Novembre 2019 - 19:00 PM 


11 AM - 7 PM


Messezentrum Salzburg, Am Messezentrum 1, A-5020 Salzburg



27/29 - 2019

I've read that Salzburg in September is gorgeous, so it's also a perfect opportunity to visit ART SALZBURG CONTEMPORARY 2019!!! To participate at the preview  (26 september) write privately to the gallery and cyu there.

Art Salzburg Contemporary 2019.jpg

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